Herbaceous border

Thornton Hall, Darlington

All photographs from this visit by kind permission of Ms Trace Jefferson

Thornton Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the Borough of Darlington and is one of only six to be awarded the Grade 1 listing. Many of the windows were blocked up because of the window tax in 1696.

Photo of Thornton House
Photo of flower borders

I admit to knowing very little about flowers, but this was one of the first views as we entered the gardens. I loved the explosion of colour and because there was a slight breeze the scents were amazing. The garden was a sensory delight.

Photo of flower borders

We enjoyed meandering around the borders. We didn't recognise all of the flowers, but we appreciated the way some colours toned and others contrasted

Photo of alpine bed

The dry garden with the alpines was well laid out, the dark leaved plants in the pots made me imagine mini topiary trees.

Photo of bug-house

The bug house was much grander than I was used to seeing and because it was placed in front of the Hall, I would call it a Bug Hall.

Photo of small alpine bed on raised pedestal

More alpines and succulents, this time all in pots on an ornamental pedestal.

Photo of bug-house

I often took photos of plants that I did not know, because they evoked a thought. I like to read fantasy books and I could imagine this plant as a mini fairy castle.

Photo of garden seat with carved owls, & boat in front.

I liked the carved owls on the garden seat, and the boat added extra interest..

The duck was allowed free rein to nestle among the alpines.

Photo of duck sitting among alpine plants
Photo of carved animals in garden.

Carved wooden rabbits located among the plants added a lovely naturalistic touch.

Photo of carved animals in garden

We followed the old saying and took time to stop and smell the roses. There were so many different types, it really was a pleasure.

Photo of roses.

Here, I'm in front of the camera for a change.

Photo of Trace Jefferson

There's so much to see. Where should we go next?

People discussing the plants

And finally, this one made me smile. Was it Bill, or was it Ben? Do you know?

Photo of figure made from plant pots

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